Educational Habilitation Diploma (EDUC)

Educational Habilitation Diploma (EDUC)
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The education sector is specialized in the educational sciences and in its implementations, and benefits from other sciences, especially psychology in completing its tasks. The current and the future vision of the education sector is that it is a growing sector whose tasks are increasing and evolving especially in the preparation of the tutors, and its roles are increasing in the educational development and the comprehensive development for the Syrian ِِArab Community, as well as its adequacy, quality, and modernity are increasing in the transfer of knowledge and educational techniques in an investment in the education and in conducting research and preparing the human resources for life and work and providing the educational and the psychological services to the community. The EDUC program also seeks to be a pioneer to the E-learning procession in the region to qualify the human resources in a consistent manner with the global academic professional levels and responsive to the needs of the labor market.