University Council

University Council

The University Council consists of the President of the University as the chairman of the council and the membership of:

  • Vice-Presidents
  • College deans / program managers.
  • Deans of institutes.
  • A number of directors of the central directorates of the university.
  • Two representatives of the National Union of Syrian Students from the university students, one of which is a post-graduate student whenever possible.
  • A representative of the teachers' syndicate from among the teaching staff at the university.


Functions of the University Council

• Suggesting the appointment of faculty members, researchers, technicians and administrators.

• Proposing contracting with faculty members, researchers, consultants and experts.

• Proposing agreements for scientific and academic cooperation with Arab and foreign universities.

• Proposing the organization of conferences, seminars and meetings related to e-learning.

• Awarding scientific degrees.

• Developing scientific research plans at the university.

• Arranging development programs that achieve the University's objectives.

• Proposing students' acceptance rules.

• Suggesting the events of colleges and institutes.

• Proposing and participating in conferences and symposia related to e-learning.

• Proposing the executive regulations list, internal regulations list, financial regulations and internal system apply.

• Managing the university funds and investing them.

• The President of the University or the Board of Trustees shall submit to the Council of the University anything they consider generally related to administrative, executive and financial matters of the University.


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