Program for training children and youths

Program for training children and youths


Objective of the program

The program aims at spreading the culture of informatics in the new generation and deepening it with deliberate steps in order to meet the growing scientific need of this segment within the field of programming and information in accordance with their age and mental abilities. The training program for children and youths serves the social responsibility principle of the Center for Training and Lifelong Learning and is in line with the mission of the Syrian Virtual University in supporting the process of e-learning and the teaching of young people the principles of modern programming and entrepreneurship to create a productive and conscious generation and not a technology-with its various applications and services consumer- one.


The importance of the program

  • Teaching children and youths programming skills at an early age enhance their theoretical and creative thinking abilities, train them to solve problems, and improve interaction with technology.
  • Increasing and developing the skills needed to design and build computer software and converting the student from an ordinary user to a programmer.
  • Teaching this science to children and youths addresses the lack of future programmers and developers.


Current training courses

Scratch Language

C ++ language


Kids Training Content

Kids Projects



Programming Marathon for children and adolescents