Quality Assurance



The strategy followed to achieve these goals

In order to verify the quality of the educational process, the university administration will conduct two questionnaires to evaluate tutors (SET) each semester, one before the exam and another after it. Weighting factor will be added to the results of the questionnaires that related to the tutor's compliance with the quality standards in terms of:

  1. The quality of the exams.
  2. The quality of the synchronized sessions a periodic review of samples of the tutor’s sessions
  3. The transparency of homework evaluation, and how much the educational objectives were achieved.

These factors will be evaluated by the university administration and the quality control team. The final results will be published by the end of each semester. The names of the top tutors will be announced like current semester.


Students can send any notes regarding synchronous sessions via their university email - knowing that we will take into account their privacy - to the following address: