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The master of Web Science (MWS) program is suitable for all IT specialists to pursue their higher education. As a result of this program, the University grant the degree of Master of Postgraduate Studies in Web Science. The holder of this degree has a systematic and critical understanding of current knowledge and techniques applied in the field of web science. He/She will be able to deal with complex issues systematically and creatively.

Name : Bassel Alkhatib

PH. D. In In Artificial Intelligence

Email : ;




Ph.D. in Computer Science from l'Université Bordeaux I (FRANCE)

" Etude et réalisation d'un système d'exploitation des connaissances, Application au domaine de l'Automatique"

" Knowledge-Based System for Control Systems Design"


Master in Computer Science from INPG-ENSIMAG (FRANCE)


B.Sc. in Computer Science from HIAST (SYRIA)




2008 - 2017        

Web Master Director at the Syrian Virtual University-SVU


Associated Professor at the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering -Damascus University


Head of the Artificial Intelligence department at the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering - Damascus University


Information Technology Center Director- Damascus
2014-2017 Tutor at the Private Arab International University-AIU-Syria


Tutor at Yarmouk Private University-YPU-Syria
2008-2011 Head of Information Technology department at the International University of Science and technology-IUST-Syria
2005-2017 Tutor at SVU
2006-2008 Tutor at AIU
2002-2017 Tutor at the Higher Institute of Business Administration- HIBA-Damascus
2001-2006 Senior Researcher at Studies and Scientific Research Center -SSRC
1993-2007 Tutor at the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology -HIAST-Damascus
2003 UNDP Project National Consultant
2003-2004 Head of  Information Department at the SSRC -Damascus
1993-2003 Head of Decision Making Systems group at the SSRC -Damascus





 Programming Languages.

Web Design.

Web Programming.

Mobile Programming.


Information Retrieval.

Data Mining.

Visual Programming.

Algorithms and Data Structures.

Artificial Intelligence.

Expert Systems.

Intelligent Search Algorithms.

Knowledge-Based Systems.

Formal Languages and Automata Theory.

Compiler Design.



Research Papers

(1)   B. AlKhatib, M. Kawas, A. Alnahhas, R. Bondok, R. Kannous: Building an Assistant Mobile Application for Teaching Arabic Pronunciation Using a new

Approach for Arabic Speech Recognition, (2017) Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT), 95(3).

 (2)   B. AlKhatib, O. Suleiman, M. Kawas: Using Geospatial Technologies in Building User-Friendly Interactive Marketing Platform, (2016) International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS), 11(8).

 (3)   B. Najeeb, B. AlKhatib: Integration Electronic Patients’ Records with Open Life Sciences Datasets Using Semantic Web Tools, (2016) International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS), 11(5).

 (4)   K. Omar, B. Alkhatib, M. Dashash, F. Alhassan: The Implementation of using Medical Ontologies in Plagiarism Detection, (2016) International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS), 11(3).

 (5)   Issa Alkaht, Bassel ALKHATIB : Filtering SPAM Using Several Stages Neural Networks, (2016) International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS), 11(2), pp. 123-132.

 (6)   Bassel ALKHATIB, Eyad FAKHANEE: Content Management in Semantic Web. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJARCST 2015). Vol. 3, Issue 1 (Jan. - Mar. 2015).

 (7)   Aidmar WAINAKH, Ahmad WABBI, Bassel ALKHATIB: Design & Develop Misconfiguration Vulnerabilities Scanner for Web Applications. International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS) 2014 (Vol. 9 N. 10).

 (8)  Bassel ALKHATIB, Mohammad Wahab ALMOUQDAD: User Adaptive E-Learning System. DOI: 10.5176/2251-1814_EeL14.28. 4th Annual International Conference on Education and e-Learning (EeL 2014).

  (9) Bassel ALKHATIB ,  Ammar  ALNAHHAS, Firas ALBADAWI: A New Method for Measuring Text Similarity in Learning Management Systems Using WordNet.  International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies, 9(2), 1-13, April-June 2014 1.

 (10)  Bassel ALKHATIB ,  Mouhamad KAWAS: Best Practices to Increase the Performance of Web-Based Applications. International Journal on Information Technology (IREIT) ـJuly 2013 (Vol. 1 N. 4).

 (11)  Bassel ALKHATIB ,  Ammar  ALNAHHAS, Hadi EZZIDEEN: Building Automatic Web Customer Profiling Service. International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS) June 2013 (Vol. 8 N. 6).

(12)  Khaled OMAR, Bassel ALKHATIB, Maison DASHASH: The Implementation of Plagiarism Detection System in Health Sciences Publications in Arabic and English Languages. International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS)

 (13) Bassel ALKHATIB, Ammar ALNAHHAS: Decision Support System For Crisis Management Using Temporal Fuzzy Logic. 2012 6th International Conference on APPLICATION of INFORMATION and COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (AICT) AICT2012. 17-19 October 2012, Tbilisi, Georgia. , Appeared in IEEExplore Digital Library:

(14) Bassel ALKHATIB, Mouhamad KAWAS, Wajdi BSHARA, Mhd. Talal KALLAS: Ontology-Based Semantic Context Framework (OBSC) For Arabic Web Contents. Third International Symposium on Web Services, Dubai, UAE (2010).

 (15)  Bassel ALKHATIB , Ali Rekmani, Michel Al-Maqdissi : ALISAR : an Auto Learning Intelligent System for Archaeological Recognition, XII International Conference on Systems Science,Vol. III pp. 323-330 Wroclaw- Poland (1995).

 (16)  Bassel  ALKHATIB, B. Bergeon, JL. Ermine, CM. Falinower, M. Monsion : Knowledge Based System for Control Law Design : Proceeding of the Third International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications, Cairo-Egypt (1995).

 (17)   Bassel ALKHATIB, B. Bergeon, JL. Ermine, CM. Falinower, M. Monsion : SECOA: Système d'Exploitation des Connaissances en Automatique, 9ème congrès Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA'94), Vol. 2,  Paris (1994).

 (18)    Bassel ALKHATIB, B. Bergeon, JL. Ermine, CM. Falinower, M. Monsion : A second generation expert system for control design, 12th world congress International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC'93), Vol.4, pp. 375-379, Sydney, Australia (1993).

 (19)   Bassel ALKHATIB, B. Bergeon, JL. Ermine, CM. Falinower, M. Monsion : Generic Knowledge Based System for Design Analysis of Control Law for Industrial Process, 4th symposium on Expert Systems Applications to Power systems (ESAP'93), Melborne, Australia (1993).

 (20)    Bassel ALKHATIB, B. Bergeon, JL. Ermine, CM. Falinower, M. Monsion : Generic Expert System for Control Design, 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Applications (EXPERSYS'92), Paris, Technology Transfer Series, A.Niku-Lari Editor, pp.273-278. (1992)



 -   Web Application Development (2015, SVU).

-     Mobile Programming (2015, SVU).

-    Events Driven Programming (2015, SVU).

-   Object Oriented Programming (2015, SVU).

-   Procedural Programming (2015, SVU).

-   Computer Skills (2015, SVU).

-   Career Preparation (2015, SVU).

-   Web Applications (2008, SVU)

-   Visual Programming (2008, SVU)

-   Web Programming (2007, SVU).

-   Networks Programming Applications (2007, SVU)

-   Artificial Intelligence (2006, Avicenna Open University).

-   Artificial Intelligence (2003, FITE-Damascus).

-   Intelligent Search Algorithms (2003, FITE-Damascus).

-   Learning Visual Basic (RCC, 2001).

-   Access Basic (RCC, 2001).