Ph.D degree on Applied Mathematics and Computer science - Coding and Cryptography , Polytechnic School in Paris

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

ISE.CSR - Computer Security
MiQ.QDE72 - Design and Analysis of Experiments

Academic experience: 

2017-2018 : Digital Signature, Master in E-Business Management at Arab Academy for E-Business (ARAEB) (20h)
2016-2017: Design and Analysis of Experiments (DOE), Syrian Virtual University, Professional Master in Quality program, MiQ. (2 x 21h)
2012-2015 : Information System Security, fifth year and Master at Damascus Information Technology Engineering University.(3 x 22h)
2012-2013 2013-2014 : Numerical Analysis 1, First year at Damascus Information Technology Engineering University.
2007-2009 : Training on security of information systems, method MEHARI-ISO27000 (2 x 32h). Training on the design of experiments (6 x 10h).
2005-2006 : Programming Languages, first year students at ENSTA -France (lesson IN101) (TD 15h).
2004-2005 2005-2006 : Differential Equations and introduction to automatic, first-year courses at ENSTA-PARIS AO102 (TD 2x15h).
2005-2006 : Introduction to MATLAB, first-year courses at ENSTA IN103 (20h).
2005-2006 : Computer Science Project, for first year students at ENSTA IN104 (15h)
1997-1998 1998-1999 : Math courses for second year students, HIAST preparatory classes (TD 2x72 h).
1998-1999 : Computer science, HIAST first year (26h).
1997-1998 : Numerical Analysis, HIAST 4 year’s students (18h).


https://uma.ensta-paristech.fr/~sakkour 2005 • Decoding of second order Reed-Muller codes with a large number of errors IEEE ITSOC Information Theory Workshop 2005 on Coding and Complexity, ITW2005., 2005
2004 : • Modified version of Sidel'nikov-Pershakov decoding algorithm for binary second order Reed-Muller codes Bassem Sakkour and Pierre Loidreau Ninth International Workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory, ACCT'2004, jun, 2004