Mohammad Hajjouz


PhD in Mathematical Sciences "Informatics"

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

TIBA.GBS302 - Computer Skills
ISE.DB - Database Systems
ITE.BDB501 - Database Systems I
BMC.CDL11 - Computer Skills
ISE.PR2 - Project_II
BL.CDL107 - Computer Skills

Academic experience: 

Lecturer in the Faculty of Science at Al-Baath University since 2009 for information courses
Lecturer in the Faculty of Information Engineering at Al-Baath University in 2006 for the course of the databases
Lecturer at the Institute of Public Administration since 2015 for the directors of electronic administration and management information systems
Lecturer at the Virtual University of Information Systems Engineering Programs since 2010 to decide databases
Supervisor of MWS Master students since 2012
I also Lecturer in the HND, BSCE, and BL programs for an introduction course to computer science during Previous semester


Rapid data retrieval using temporary tables "Tishreen University Magazine".
Improve the structure of logical access to data in the databases "the Baath University Magazine".
Speeding up the queries in the databases using the tables divided by the field "Baath University Magazine".
Partitioning algorithms in data mining "Baath University Magazine".
Improved K-Medoids algorithm in data mining "Yemeni Research Magazine".
Improving the K-Means algorithm "Al-Baath University Magazine".
Analysis of opinions on Facebook using the technique of classification in data mining "Yemeni Research Magazine".
Analysis of opinions in Twitter, "Baath University Magazine".
Opinions Mining in Facebook "iiste Magazine".