Ali Kazem


PhD in Automatic and Signal processing,/LAAS Toulouse, France

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

BAIT.GMA205 - Probability & Statistics
BACT.GMA205 - Probability & Statistics

Academic experience: 

Course in dsi-ap Toulouse-France
Teaching in HIAST – Damascus
Teaching , Baath University in Homs, faculty of Engineering


Iterative joint phase/timing estimation and decoding for geo satellite links in the presence of Doppler shift
Maximum likelihood deterministic particle filter for state estimation and fault detection in stochastic hybrid systems
Deterministic branching Gauss particles in the passive sonar tracking problem
Track-while-scan radar using deterministic particle filtering
Independent component analysis in IDMA systems
Noisy ICA in IDMA Context
Blind turbo detection in the presence of phase noise,
Non-linear optimal control via particle resolution: Aid to the manoeuvre of a robot
Optimization of Particle Algorithm to Multiuser Detection in CDMA
Anti Collision of RFID Tags using Interleave Division Multiple Access