How is the cash payment process for students outside Syria works?

By registering the student on the subjects and showing the receipt of the payment in euros or dollars and paying cash in a branch of the Syrian Commercial bank in Syria or through Al Fouad exchange company outside Syria.

How is the money transfer process for students outside Syria works?

Transferring money from outside the country is managed by Al Fouad Exchange co.

Please find all needed contacts details in this page: Al Fouad centers.

How is the online payment process for students inside Syria through the browser works?

  1. Use Internet Explorer browser
  2. Open the university's Web site: www.svuonline.org
  3. Login to the information system (svuis)
  4. Click on E-payment within the left menu
  5. Click the Print button to confirm the information
  6. Click on your Pay your Bill
  7. Enter the information on the bank card: name-card number-CVV2-card expiration date
  8. Press “ pay “  button to confirm on payment


To ensure that the registration process is complete:

  1. Log in to students Profile within the students information system SVUIS
  2.  ensure that the subjects are in active condition R

How is the E-payment process for students inside Syria via ATM ?

  1.  The student enters the bank card in the teller and then enters the card's PIN.
  2. on the ATM screen interface several options will appear, the student will select (other services) and then presses the option (invoices and premiums)
  3. Then the student selects (07 Syrian virtual University) and then enters the ID number for the batch
  4. Note: You must enter your full ID number with zeros

 A student can obtain a special ID number from his or her account on the Syrian Virtual University website by following these steps:

  • The student enters his or her account on the university website
  • We click on the student Payment link
  • Then click the Bill Details button

 After you enter your ID number and press the Confirm button, the student's payment information appears to be validated before the process is followed up

The amount is then deducted from the card account and the payment process has been successful

If there is any problem with the payment, the student will photograph the error message appearing on the ATM screen and send it with a two-sided picture of the bank card to the following email: