آلاء بحر الصفا الحنبلي

المؤهلات العلمية: 

Master of Advanced Communications Electronics and Communications Engineering- Damascus university -syria
Bachelor of Electronics and Communications Engineering Electronics and Communications Engineering-Damascus university -syria

البرامج الأكاديمية: 


المقررات العلمية: 

BACT.CML201 - ماتلاب للحوسبة العددية
BACT.CEE203 - إشارات ونظم
BACT.CEE205 - معالجة الإشارة الرقمية

الخبرات الأكاديمية: 

o Engineer – Part Time: (2015–Present) Ministry of Communications and Technology (MoCT) – Damascus, Syria. • Complaints System: An interactive web application for complaints management • Contracture a central complaints portal for the Ministry for processing complaints of citizens • Test programs before giving them intellectual property protection from the Ministry of Culture • Responsible for designing and developing the ministry's website • Management of e - government website.
o Lecturer – Part Time: (2015–2016) Faculty of Electronics & Communications – Damascus University – Damascus, Syria.
o Lecturer: (F18-S19- Present) Syrian Virtual University- Damascus, Syria • Signals and Systems CEE203, MATLAB for Numerical Computing

المنشورات العلمية: 

• Evaluating the Performance of FBMC/OQAM Technique for Fifth Generation Systems, Al-Baath University ,2017, Folder number 39.