What are the conditions to pass a course?

The student must fulfill three conditions in order to pass any course: 

  1. Achieving (40%) in the degree of student work (the assignment), or achieving (40%) in the total of student work for programs that require two assignments or more
  2. Achieving (40%) in the exam mark
  3. The whole score is:
  • Achieving (50%) in the following programs: (BL-BMC-EDU-BIT-ISE-HND)
  • Achieving (50%) in the following programs: (BAIT-BACT-BSCE-MASTER PROGRAMS-TIC)

Important note:

 The student cannot keep his assignment grade from a previous term

How to submit an electronic objection request for an assignment or an exam mark?

  • An objection request to the mark (assignment or exam) is submitted after archiving the marks via the web request system, the request will be processed by the tutor and the program director, then all the submitted requests will forward to the concerned committees & councils. The student must follow up the web request system in order to know the result of the objection. 
  • The starting dates for objections in each semester are determined by the exams department and the student must check the E-mail regularly to know the dates and abide by them.
  • This application is charged by a fee of (1000 SYP) for Syrian students and (7 EURO) for foreign students and Syrian students outside Syria.
  • If the objection is valid, the amount will be transferred to the student’s account during the preparation of the clearance.
  • The objection is rejected directly if the links of the assignments or the exams are not archived.

When is the exam schedule issued for the internal and external centers?

The exam time table is scheduled by the exams department and is announced a month earlier before the starting of the examinations, knowing that at the beginning of each semester the approximate dates for the exam schedule are announced.

Students must check the Exam Time Table to know the examination centers and the detailed dates of the examinations related to the courses they registered in the semester

As for the students of the external centers: the exam schedule is announced within a file which is uploaded on the SVU official website, and send it as well via E-mail to them.

Changing Exam Centers

  • The student is allowed to change the exam center between governorates after contacting the exam department via E-mail and verifying the exam capacities, then the possibility of transfer will be confirmed via E-mail.
  • Students of Damascus exam centers are not allowed to change their centers, and must adhere to the exam centers specified in the exam timetable.
  • Changing the exam center from & to Syria: this is done exclusively before the announcement of the exam schedule, so that the financial issues will be processed.

Important note(1):

The student is allowed to change the exam center within a month from the begining of the semester, as the student is considered accepted at the university.The exact dates are set at the beginning of each semester and are published to all students via e-mail, SVU website, and its pages on social network sites.

Important note(2):

any request for transferring the exam center inside or outside Syria will be rejected after the announcement of the exam schedule.



Retests due to technical problems: Retests are hold in the same semester (as per possibility), without paying exam fees while maintaining coursework marks.

Retests according to presidential decree: repeated exams will be taken in the next semester, while maintaining coursework marks. Student should pay examination fees only

 Note: Students are informed of all instructions related to re-examination via e-mail and the University website.

Exam Aids

 Examinations help is applied only to undergraduate programs as follows:

1. The student shall be helped with a maximum of two marks in one course or distributed on two courses if this allows the student to successfully pass the exam or the final outcome of the course.

2. The student shall be helped with a maximum of two grades in one course or two courses in the following cases:

  • If this assistance leads to the graduation of the student.
  • If this assistance leads to the transition to the higher year.

3. The student shall be assisted with a maximum of  (6) marks in one course or distributed over two courses if this assistance leads to the student not exhausting his/her chances in any year of study.

4. The examination help mentioned in /2/ and /3/ shall be applied to the assignments, or the exam or the final outcome.

5. It is not permissible to combine the assistance provided in /2/ and /3/.

6. The examination help provided in No. 1 shall be applied and then assistance in /2/ and /3/ shall be applied.

7. Examination help given shall not be included in the calculation of the general rate of the student unless this rate is below the minimum average for success, in which case the marks given to the student as help shall be added to the sum until the total reaches the success rate (50% or 60%) according to the program.

8. The student shall be assisted by a minimum of courses and then a minimum of marks, and the courses with the largest credit hours shall be chosen first and then the ones with the lowest success rate.

9. Reference to the marks that the student benefited from as help in exams shall be pointed at in the transcription.

10. The exam help is applied quarterly and on the courses that the student sit their examinations where exam help is applied in that semester; and not applied to the courses submitted in a previous semester prior to the applied exam help semester.

11. The examination help is applied quarterly to all students, and the student has the right to submit a request via e-mail from the student’s account at the university within two weeks from the date of the announcement of the results of the application of exam aid. The student shows their desire after taking advantage of the assistance on the entire courses or some of them, and this is not given back afterwards no matter what the reasons are.


Graduation decision

The period of time for issuing the graduation decision by the examination department is one month. Students' grades and averages are checked directly from the student information system (SVUIS) so graduation lists are issued within the specified period.

Electronic Applications

Dear Students:

Based on Decision No. 63 date (01/03/2018), the amounts of the following electronic applications are determined as the following:


Amount in Dollars

Amount in Euros

Amount in Syrian pound





Clarifying student grades




Characterization of courses







English language levels Completion

Annual Calendar
Exam Program

Termination of Courses

Graduation Order

Objection to exam and assignment mark


To see the detailed conditions for submitting each application, please click on the link below: Guide for Applying electronic documents