د.أحمد إدريس

المؤهلات العلمية: 

PhD in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching: University of Warwick, UK
MA in Teaching English for Specific Purposes: University of Warwick, UK
Diploma in Linguistics: University of Damascus
BA in English Language and Literature: University of Damascus

البرامج الأكاديمية: 


المقررات العلمية: 

ENG.L4 - لغة إنكليزية _ المستوى الرابع
ENG.L5 - لغة إنكليزية _ المستوى الخامس

الخبرات الأكاديمية: 

2009- Present: Tutor of English as a Foreign Language, English Language Program, Syrian Virtual University
2001-2018 Tutor of Composition and Masters Dissertation Writing: Department of English, University Of Damascus,
2009-2014 Tutor of Language Testing, Classroom Management and Research Methodology: English Language Teaching Department, HLI, University of Damascus
2010-2013 Tutor of Discourse Analysis and Translation Skills: HITI, University of Damascus
2009-2010 Tutor of Reading Comprehension for Translation Purposes: Open Learning Center, University of Damascus
2001-2002 Tutor of English as a Foreign Language: Department of Arabic, Faculty of Letters and Humanities, University of Damascus
2000-2010 Tutor of English as a Foreign Language: Future Generation Center

المنشورات العلمية: 

Idris, A. Y. (2016). Understanding Masters Supervision Complexity of International Students in the UK. ISEJ – International Student Experience Journal. 4/2: 19-33.
Idris, A. Y. (2017). Investigating the Effects of Supervisor Feedback on International Masters Students’ Dissertation Writing Outcomes in the UK. ISEJ – International Student Experience Journal. 5/1: 20-30.