Tamer Rfaah


3rd November 2011: PHD degree in Accounting Theory, Excellent rating, Titled: “Requirements of fair value accounting application for financial instruments in banks and their impact on the quality of accounting information (An Empirical Study on banks listed in Damascus stock exchange)”, Damascus university, faculty of economic.
2009: Master degree in Economic-Accounting at Damascus University, very good - rating, titled: “Requirements of Financial Derivatives Accounting under International Accounting Standards and Possibility of Its Implementation in Syria”, Damascus university, faculty of economic.
2005 - 2006: Diploma <Post graduate study> (higher studies) in Accounting at Damascus -university- very good - rating.
2000 - 2004: BA. In Economic: Accounting Department. from Damascus University.

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

MBA.PRJ.40 - Project

Academic experience: 

Syrian Virtual University (SVU), MBA Programme, Supervisor for student’s theses, 2018 till now.
Gulf college, (Muscat – Oman), Program Leader & Lecturer since 01-03-2019 till now.
Gulf college, (Muscat – Oman), Lecturer since 01-04-2017 till now.
Philadelphia University, (Amman - Jordan), Assistant Professor since 2012 till 2016.
IUST: International University for Science and Technology, (Damascus – Syria), Assistant Professor since 01-02-2012 till 01-07-2012.
Since June 2009 till 03-2010: I have been working at Ministry of Finance and Syrian Central bank for UGFSM, Issuance &secondary market Department.
Technical Financial Institute, Lecturer Since 03-2010 till 01-02-2011.


The impact of Syrian Central Bank's Instructions on private banks commitment with measurement and disclosure requirements of financial instruments fair value in accordance with international financial reporting standards, Journal of Damascus University, Vol.1 2010, PP617,653.
Extent of application fair value measuring approaches for financial instruments in Syrian private banks and their impact on the reliability of accounting information (Field study), Journal of Damascus University, 27-7-2010.
The impact of application comprehensive income on stock prices of companies listed in Damascus Securities Exchange – Empirical study- Journal of Damascus University, 06-2011.
Assess the extent of the application internal control elements evaluation and its effectiveness when doing audit process - An analytical study on the Jordanian banks auditors – Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business, IJCRB, June edition 2013, vol.5,No.2.
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The impact of fair value application for financial instruments on financial stocks returns (empirical study on emerging Amman stock exchange), Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, IJCRB, January edition 2014, vol.5, No.9.
The relationship between adoption of Fair value accounting standards and Changes in stock prices ((An Empirical Study on Amman Stock Exchange)), Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, titled:", 14th November 2015.
The fundamentals of the auditing and its applications to the operations departments of the organizations, 2017, dar-almanahej, Amman, Jordan.