muayed haj saleh


Aleppo University – Faculty of Economics Bachelor degree in Business Administration
Damascus university – Faculty of Economics - Diploma in Marketing
Higher Institute of Business Administration HIBA – MBA
Damascus university – Faculty of Economics - Master research in Marketing
Damascus university – Faculty of Economics - PHD in Marketing

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

TIBA.BMN401 - Fundamentals of Management
TIBA.BMK401 - Introduction to Marketing
TIBA.BMK603 - Services Marketing
BSCM.BMK502 - Consumer Behavior
BSCM.BMK606 - Pricing and Distribution
MBA.PCM.11 - Principles of Management
MBA.PRJ.40 - Project
BSCE.ISP943 - Individual-Selling Policies

Academic experience: 

2005 – 2011 – HIBA
2011 – 2017 – YPU
2017 – up to now -- IUST


The impact of Information Sources on Making Buying Decision
The Role of Strategic Marketing Planning in Crisis Management and its Activating Methods - Case Study on the General Organization for Textile Industries G.O.T.I. –
The Contemporary Marketing Orientations and its Effect on Attracting Tourists.
The Awareness of Syrian Customers to Green Marketing
The Effect of Demographic and Social Factors on Making Buying Decision
Testing the Mediator Role of Mainstream Electronic Syrian Consumer Behavior in Electronic Word of Mouth to Mobile Phone Devices Consumer’s Buying Decision.