Modar Dukhan


PhD in Business Administration, Managerial Reengineering.

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

MBA.BRM109 - Business Research Methods
MBA.MIS110 - Management Information Systems
MBA.Pr.115 - Project
MiQ.QPR73 - Master Project

Academic experience: 

2012: Staff member in the Business Administration Department, Faculty of Economics, Aleppo University.
2011-2018: Lecturer in the MBA program & BSCE program, Virtual University, Damascus Syria.
2011-2018: Lecturer in the Administrative Sciences Faculty, Ebla Private University, Idleb-Syria.
2013-2014: Lecturer in the Business & Management Faculty, Al-Shahbaa Private University.


The Role of BPR in Raising the Efficiency & Effectiveness of Corporations, Aleppo University Research Journal, 2010.
The Impact of Digital Approach in the Managerial Reengineering Efficiency, Aleppo University Research Journal, 2010.
The Administrative Effectiveness of Computer Networks, Aleppo University Research Journal, 2003.