loubna ali


PHD Computer networks
2008 Thesis in computer network , INSA – Lyon (France)
2004 DEA (Master) ISCE Informatique et Systèmes Coopératifs pour l'Entreprise , INSA – Lyon (France)
1997 Bachelor degree in electronic engineering with Very Good mention, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - Damascus University

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

ITE.BSE601 - Software Engineering I
ISE.SE - Software Engineering
ISE.NM - Network Management

Academic experience: 

From: 01.09.2015 Till: now, Head of Communication Technology Departement,Tartous University- Tartous
From: 01.09.2011 Till: now,Doctor in the Faculty of Technology of Information and Communication Engineering,Tartous University- Tartous.
From: 01.09.2011 Till: now,Doctor in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Engineering,Tichreen University- Tartous.
From: 01.08. 2009 Till: now,Doctor in Information System Engineering ISE, Syrian Virtual University- (SVU)
From: 10.01. 2009 Till: 01.01.2014,Doctor in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Computing Department),Tichreen University
From: 01.10. 2009 Till: 01.07.2013,Doctor in the Faculty of Informatics Engineering,Private Arabic International University (AIU).
From: 01.10.2004 To: 13.11.2008,Thesis in computer network:Distributed Infrastructure Management,INSA - Lyon, LIESP (ex PRISMa).
From: 01.03.2004 To: 05.07.2004,Stage of Master Degree DEA: Security Study in the virtual enterprise, methods and architecture,INSA - Lyon PRISMa.
From: 01.10.2003 To: 15.07.2004,DEA (Master) ISCE,INSA - Lyon.
From: 01.04.2001 To: 01.10.2001,Assistant in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Electronics Department),Tichreen University.
From: 01.10.2001To: 30.06.2002,Intensive French Language,English Language center in Damascus-Syria.


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L. Ali “Improving of the performance quality parameters of distributed networks management by using the mobile agent” Tartous University magazine 2017.
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