Ghazwan ali


PhD in Investment Management

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

MBA.PRJ.40 - Project
MBA.FIN.31 - Financial Management
MBA.BRM.12 - Business Research Methods
BSCM.PFB601 - Graduation Project Finance
BSCM.BFB401 - Principles of Financial Management
TIBA.BFB401 - Principles of Financial Management
DP.MBARM - Business Research Methods in Business Administration
DP.MQMRM - Business Research Methods in Quality Management
DP.MTMRM - Business Research Methods in Technology Management
BSCE.BA742 - Banking Administration
BSCE.FM - Financial Management
BSCE.CB762 - Commercial Banks

Academic experience: 

- Teaching at Damascus University - Faculty of Economics since 2009
- Teaching at the International University of Science and Technology since 2014
- Teaching in Open Education Programs since 2009
- Teaching at the Syrian Virtual University since 2010


- Financial risk management and credit, 2014, Damascus University
- Contrast prediction models of financial failure in determining the financial position of companies An Empirical Study on the insurance companies listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange, Al - Baath University Journal, Vol.36, No.1, 2014, pp. 195-225
-The Impact of Credit Portfolio Concentration on Banks Performance: An Empirical Study of Private Traditional Banks listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange, 2015, Damascus University Journal of Economic and Legal Sciences, VOL. xxx, No. xxx, pp. xxx