Ali Youssef


1. PhD Degree Accounting and Financial Markets – Accounting Department -Faculty of Economics, Egypt, 2005,
2. MA Degree in Evaluating Stock in Cairo Stock Exchange –Accounting Department – Faculty of Economics –Egypt, 2002
3. Assistant Prof. of Accounting, Damascus University

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

MBA.PRJ.40 - Project
BSCE.AA - Administrative accounting
BSCE.IA760 - Intermediate accounting 2
MiQ.QPR73 - Master Project

Academic experience: 

1. Assistant Prof. Damascus University, Faculty of Economics. Accounting Department.
2. Lecturer at Syrian Virtual University, 2013 -2017.
3. Lecturer at the Qasyoon Private University, 2014 -2016,
4. Lecturer at Rashid Private University, 2012-2013,
5. Lecturer at the Arab International University, 2009-2014,
6. Lecturer at the Syrian Private University, 2009-2011,
7. Lecturer at the Financial Institute – Damascus, 2006-2009
Intermediate Accounting2 Financial Accountin1 Managerial Accounting


1- Co-author of the book "Accounting Theory" - Faculty of Economics - Damascus University, 2017.
2- Co-author of the book: The Contemporary Approach to Financial Analysis and its Role in Financial Markets - 2013, issued by the Arab Center for Arabization, Translation, Composition and Publishing.
3- Research entitled: "The Effect of the Board's Independence on the Relevance of Accounting Profit Information for Investor Decisions in Financial Markets" - Published in Damascus University Journal of Economic and Legal Sciences, 2012.
4- Research entitled: "The Impact of the Ownership Structure of the Conservatism of Financial Reports - an applied study" - Published in Damascus University Journal of Economic and Legal Sciences, 2012,
5- Evaluation of trends in contemporary applied research in financial accounting Jerash University Conference (Jordan) – 2007,
6- Evaluating efficient contracting as a framework for accounting theorizing - published in the Journal of Business Administration, Egypt 2006.
7- Co-author of the book: Financial Markets Management - Syrian Virtual University, 2014.
8- Co-author of the book: "Principles of Accounting 2" -Faculty of Economics - Damascus University, 2011.
9- Co-author of the book: "Intermediate Accounting 2" - Faculty of Economics - Damascus University, 2012.
10- Co-author: "Accounting Information Systems" - Faculty of Economics - Damascus University, 2011.
11- Author of the book entitled "Administrative Accounting" - Syrian Virtual University 2009