War Wounded

 Grants for war wounded  

Conditions for obtaining the grants of war wounded

  • Disability rate exceeds 35%,
  • Syrian students living in Syria and those similar to them will benefit from the scholarships.
  • The duration of the grant is determined according to the minimum number of years required for obtaining the university degree in accordance with the annual system approved by the Ministry of Higher Education or the minimum number of years of study required in the university programs according to each program. Suspended terms are regarded as part of the duration of the grant period (minimum per program).
  • At the end of the grant period, the applicant will be considered a regular student paying all tuition fees as of the date of expiry of the grant period and according to the rates of their registration in the grant.
  • The Scholarship Scheme is implemented as of the Fall of 2017.
  • Students in the master's programs and those in the elevation programs of the institutes of informatics and communication technology program must pay the entrance examination fees and English placement test fees when admitted to the University and undergo all the examinations required in those programs.
  • The scholarship system is applied at the beginning of registration and admission into the University (new students). Old students do not benefit from the grant.
  • The student has the right to sign up for the three grants if their conditions apply to him.
  • In case of acceptance in more than one scholarship, the grant that is given is the one determined on the basis of the grant given to him in the best interest according to the sequence of the student’s wishes, taking into account the order of grants applied for.
  • Students who are enrolled in the program conditionally (lacking of full official papers) will not benefit from the grant.
  • The grant includes only tuition fees. Examination fees are not included.
  • The student who has received the scholarship must register for the first semester in order to confirm their registration (registration is compulsory).
  • The student must pay all fees at the university: registration fee, annual fee, graduation fee ... etc.
  • The transfer of admission of a scholarship student to an ordinary student should be made in the event that they are not accepted in the scholarship grants and when they wish to do so.  
  • A proving document that disability rate exceeds 35%


The grant is cancelled in the following cases:

  1. The student transferring their access point to a center outside Syria
  2. In the event of a penalty against the student, the university council shall approve the cancellation of the grant


Available Grants:

  • Nine scholarships for outstanding high school graduates for each university degree program and computer technology institute
  1. Admission is based on the average of the secondary certificate accepted in each program (85%) and above after the deletion of the mark of religious education and the language mark that is less than the other according to the secondary certificate to which it will apply.
  2. The top three students are selected in each program regardless of the type of secondary certificate (general, commercial, or industrial).  


  • Three scholarships per elevation program to university degree:
  1. Dedicated to the student with a degree of excellence in their institute and with a graduation average of 85% and above.
  2. The student with the highest score in the acceptance examination for each program of information technology and communication technology shall be selected according to the admission requirements of these programs.
  3. The student with the highest score in the institute's rate is selected for the economy program.  


  • Three scholarships per each Master program:
  1. This grant is dedicated to students with an excellence degree in the university.
  2. The selection is based on the admission requirements of the program and the student with the highest score is selected according to the standard adopted in each master program.