Bachelor in Communication Technology BACT

The program in Telecommunications Technology is aimed at qualifying specialists in the field of communication technology, who possess the basic and practical theoretical knowledge, enjoy multiple disciplines and diversity of skills, and are able to engage directly in the work, so that they are able to manage projects and play the role of mediator between institutions that develop solutions and technical services in the field of Communications and information technologies, and various other commercial, industrial or academic institutions that need these solutions and services in their business.

The program has three specialties including:

  •  RF and Microwave Communications: delivers qualified graduates in the field of RF & Microwave Communication Technology to work as advanced technicians and executive managers.
  •  Communications Services & Business: delivers qualified graduates in Communications Services & Business to work as executive project managers.
  •  Mobile Communications Systems: delivers qualified graduates in Mobile Communication Systems and new related technologies to work as advanced technicians and executive managers.