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Information Technology

To provide suitable and IT solutions that support SVU mission and objectives, By being responsible for the following duties:

  • Maintaining an operational e-learning platform.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the IT infrastructure.
  • Developing / deploying new Information Systems.
  • Providing Technical assistance for tutors and students.

IT Manager
Mohammad Alhabbal

malhabbal@svuonline.org phone:
+963 1188279813
IT Teams

Technical Support Team

support@svuonline.org phone:
+963 11 2113464
This team works to provide the immediate help and support for the SVU students and tutors against any odd situation of the SVU systems; this by either replaying mails and submitted tickets or by answering phone calls.

E-Content Delivery Team
delivery@svuonline.org phone:
+963 11 88279811
Responsible for the learning management system and the assessment management sysetm.

Infrastructure Team sysadmin@svuonline.org phone:
+963 11 88279810
This team is responsible of managing and maintaining and monitoring the University infrastructure.

Development Team   phone:
+963 11 88279812
This team works according to the SVU business needs and purposes in developing and enhancing the existing SVU systems or in implementing new systems upon analytical studies made by the team itself or by other parties.

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